The Objective ( 2008 ) :-

One of wonderful thriller movie kinda documentary type not completely though but sure is a very engaging film from start. I seen this movie long time back and couldnt realize at first time i looked at it couple of weeks back but when i tried watching it , i was able to recollect this osm movie which deals with unexplained phenomenon happened in Afgan mountains. Its about the Vimanas which is largely spoken in Hindu mythology and it was gossiped that there was a 5000 year old vinama which was found beneath mountains of Afghanistan and unexplained disappearance of all soldiers who went in search of it. Though the actual theory is quite different , in this film there are vinmas flying all around the mountains but not beneath it and also this movie also explains the strange things the soldiers seen or experienced during their hiking through mountains in search of hot spot. I would highly recommend this movie but before that do spend some time in search of real articles about vinamas in Afghanistan to understand it better which will greatly help while watching this movie. This is one excellent movie not to be missed.... 

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 Sakula vimana , sundara vinama and even we see so many vimanas in top of temple dome .These are very limited or rare movies which talks about it and those who are really interested in knowing more about this legend can watch and have fun.


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