The Amazing Spiderman 2 ( 2014 ) :-

First thing first...watching any superhero movie in a IMAX screen will always look extraordinary and this movie is no exception. But that said first half of movie did have a brilliant visuals and mind blowing stunt sequences but it didnot last for long. Not sure who picked up Andrew garfield to play as peter parker but seems its a dumb choice made as he knows no acting and horrible expressions everywhere which never looked natural. May be he is been saved by the mask he wears but off the mask he is literally injustice to the character. Seems only Tobey Maguire who could bring the real spiderman feel . This movie length is long and I felt th first half was somewhat better but as it went not it was totally doesnt make any sense and felt as if they wanted to drag a movie for name sake. Spidy dad would upload a data to Roosevelt and almost half the movie they keep it as big secret but when we really come to know at second half , you might not control ur laugh . Also spidy step mother will tell a secret to peter when he a mind-blowing secret it was..felt just crap. Also the last scene when a robot tried to attack police , people would be standing around and clapping as if watching a cricket match is pure nonsence and same would happen during electro introduction. So if you just want to watch a superhero movie just for visuals and not giving importance to logics or story thrn go for it.

Overall there are so many scenes which didnot addup and spending 600Rs per ticket for this movie is no worth. No value for money. 


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